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Certificates - certificates of authenticity

As an expert,(according to the Austrian ABGB) I can issue a certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately there is no certification procedure for this. 

Over 20 years of repair experience at Louis Vuitton Austria and Switzerland,

As a general repairer, I see every LV bag from a completely different perspective.

I am pleased if you place your valued trust in me!

Version 1:

No longer possible for Metis, Bumbag and MPA! Version2 only!!

Of course you can get a certificate of authenticity from me -

As a PDF, by email or Whatsapp.

Each COA is unique, it is specially made for

It creates and contains all relevant information, which

are available to me.

                                                  Price only 26.00 euros

Version 2:

For all LV bags as well as Metis, Bumbag and MPA!


GladlyIf you can send me your bag by post, it will be noted on the certificate of authenticity that the bag was appraised on site in my workshop.

Additional security seals on the certificate!

I guarantee the authenticity of the bag!

I am not liable for the loss of the package, please send it with sufficient insurance!

                                               Price only 35.00 euros + postage

Version 3:

Reports for insurance companies or Paypal, please contact us personally. 




This picture shows a beautiful LV metal decoration.

Version 1

26,00 Euro  


Written certificate of authenticity by post or email.

Please send neat and sharp photos by email or Whatsapp. The fee of 25.00 euros also applies if the bag is wrong! Price per bag. If I cannot help, the fee will of course be reimbursed!

Version 2

35,00 Euro  


As with version 1, but with the addition that the bag was inspected personally in my workshop. With signature and stamp.

I guarantee the authenticity.

Version 3



Expert opinion for insurance or PayPal.

Please politely contact us.

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