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About me, why - why - why?

Welcome to my page!


This is not an official Louis Vuitton site! All trademark rights are owned by Louis Vuitton,

the name is only used because it is part of a product. The brand name is owned

of the rights holder and is used because it is part of the product and characterizes its quality.


I, (c´est moi) oLiVer Stehling, have been with Louis Vuitton Austria since 1987

worked as a repairer, later as a general repairer for

Louis Vuitton Austria and Switzerland.


From repairs to restorations, from cases to wardrobes, everything was repaired and restored in the Louis Vuitton workshop in Vienna.

After the LV workshop closed in 2009, I was given a 10-year break.

But, now from 2021, I'll be back!

As a former LV general repairer in the former LV repair studio in Vienna-Hietzing.

Many thousands of repairs to the then new, now vintage, bags make me one of the best LV specialists.

I know the products inside out in the truest sense of the word.

Until 2009, the best LV local workshop in the world was based in Vienna!


I offer you zip repairs of bags (Speedy, Keepall etc).

and suitcase (PH-Souple).

Just like cleaning the canvas and inner lining, as well as renewing the brown / black leather edges. Of course, we will find a way of repairing refused repairs to bags and cases.


Your o L i V er


(who can still do that with their names?)




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