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Cleaning - cleaning your Louis Vuitton bags and cases

The subject of "cleaning" is very important!

Over the years and decades that we have been using our beloved "Louis" products

they slowly mostly go unnoticed by us.

We take the scarf and silk tie to the cleaning shop, we clean the shoes ourselves, but bags and suitcases with leather fittings? Where??


The canvas enjoys thorough cleaning and maintenance with suitable products in order to be able to reappear in its old shine.


After the first few years of use, VVN and Epi leather also enjoys a little leather care and love, it should be with us for a long time. Because leather can also dry out and become brittle.


And not to forget! These wonderful brass fittings on our beautiful LV products become dull and dull over the years (tenth).

They shine with professional cleaning

in the old, new shine!

With so many cosmetic bags I was able to let the old, used inner lining shine again in its old shine, i.e. almost to shine again, and remove most of the make-up stains again. Ink stains that have dried up for years or clean the leather from the stuck inner lining are only a small part of my cleaning performance.


All of this is still done in good old craftsmanship.

Take a look at my pictures and enjoy the wonderful result.

I can't do magic, but I try hard as if it were my own Louis Vuitton product


Thank you very much, your o L i V er


This picture shows the most expensive gardening gloves from LV.

There was no other product that featured Louis Vuitton as often as this one!

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