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Fake check

It's getting harder and harder to tell if it's a fake or a

Genuine Louis Vuitton piece.

You trust in my decades of experience with Louis Vuitton suitcases

and bags that I disassembled and imperceptibly reassembled?

You wantonly know, is the bag an original Louis Vuitton before you buy it or bid on it?

Real or not?

Then you  are in the right place!

I will be happy to assist you with all my knowledge, supported by a rich LV archive.

Attention please! No longer possible for all Metis, Bumbags and MPA!

Only personal certificates are possible. Please understand, the fakes are getting better and better.

Dafür berechne ich:          

18,00 Euro  

Please send me a link or the pictures to my email address,

I'll take a look at them and get in touch with you.


Images that do not belong to you (e.g. screenshots from other photos) are not allowed to be sent. Only photos of objects that are already in my possession may be sent to me. However, the link can be forwarded to me at any time. After completion, all links and data will be deleted!

Since I answer every request personally and reliably, it may take a little time!

Should I really not be able to help you, you will of course get your money returned immediately.

All information is given to the best of our knowledge and belief.

You need a certificate of authenticity for you to get an original one

Can sell Louis Vuitton bags or suitcases better, or for insurance or in the event of a dispute with PayPal?

To do this, please click on "Certificates" .

Thank you for your trust! Your o L i V er

This picture shows a former decoration by Louis Vuitton.


Please send your pictures or link to my email address. Many Thanks!

Louis Vuiton fake check Oliversrepairs
Louis Vuitton Zertifikate
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